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Will Cady

Head of Brand Strategy, Reddit

Will Cady has made a career of looking for unexpected brilliance in overlooked subcultures. A path from zen monasteries through touring rock bands into digital media brought him to his current role as Head Of Brand Strategy at Reddit, overseeing a team built to find homes for brands amidst Reddit’s vast ecosystem of every online community imaginable.

Prior to taking on the Head Of Brand Strategy role, Will launched, hired, and managed Reddit’s Los Angeles brand partnerships office; tapping his years of experience architecting revenue-driving programs that connect brands with fast-growing pockets of music, art, and experience just as they reach their tipping points. Will is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and recipient of an Emmy Ward (Local NATAS) for Best Musical Composition/Arrangement. Will’s writing has been published in SPIN, Performer, and Death & Taxes. At Reddit, Will has created & executed programs with a host of Fortune Global 100 brands including Amazon, Toyota, Sony, T-Mobile, and many, many others.