Danielle Chegg.png

Danielle Malloy

Director, Marketing Solutions for Brand Partnerships, chegg

As Director of Marketing Solutions for Brand Partnerships at Chegg, Inc., Danielle is responsible for developing and evangelizing advertising programs that connect big brands with Chegg’s vast network of high school and college students.

Chegg is the only multi-channel platform that helps millions of students succeed from the moment they start thinking about college through the time they land their first job out of college. As such, Chegg has a wealth of data and insights about what matters most to students and the best ways to engage them at the height of their interest and receptivity.

Danielle's responsibility is to turn these capabilities into opportunities for advertisers to establish meaningful connections with the youth market across various touch points and channels. On any given day, Danielle and her team can be found crafting campaigns with high-impact media, first-party data, promotional contests, sampling opportunities or ‘dead ass’ remarkable experiences.