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Danielle Axman

Senior Director of Operations, BABE Wine

Danielle Axman currently serves as the Senior Director of Operations for SWISH Beverages, most notably known for its Babe Rosé with Bubbles and White Girl Rosé. Danielle joined the team as the Company’s first employee in May 2016 and is largely responsible for catapulting the brand into the household name it is today. In 2019, Anheuser-Busch, the world’s largest beer maker – responsible for Budweiser and Bud Light, acquired the remaining stake in Babe Wine, with a mission to continue to distribute a portfolio of beverages designed to keep up with evolving consumer tastes.

Over the past three years, Danielle’s role with SWISH has included everything from executing product and brand marketing, to managing supply chain, packaging, finance, accounting, legal and compliance. Danielle played a pivotal part in guiding SWISH and the explosion of the canned wine trend amongst Millennials and Generation Z consumers through the Company’s clever branding and social media strategies. Today, SWISH has a combined 37 million social media followers, and is the most photographed alcohol on Instagram. Most recently, Danielle was instrumental in the launch of the Company’s website and the release of their newest BABE product, Babe Red With Bubbles. BABE takes the title of the fastest selling canned wine in the country.