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Influencing Tangible Change vs Capitalizing On A Movement

How and why to engage with social causes is more important than ever for both brands and young consumers. So how can brands do so sensitively and effectively, and in turn, better engage a young consumer-base made up of digital natives driven by shared experiences?

In this session, Natasha Ponomaroff - Senior Director of Marketing for both Instasize (an editing tool for Instagram posts) and Made (an editing tool for Instagram stories) - will share how these mobile-first platforms have achieved just that. She’ll demonstrate how to navigate the fine line between supporting a cause and capitalizing on a movement, which an increasingly savvy younger audience are particularly wise to. A case in point is their collaboration with LGBTQ+ not-for-profit “The Trevor Project”, which gave users the means to evoke tangible change by giving back to the community they’re in support of.

Natasha Ponomaroff  Instasize

Natasha Ponomaroff