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Brand Buzz: Why Creating Moments In Culture Is Critical to Connecting with Gen Z

Keeping culturally relevant is essential for the brands of today to connect with a younger audience. From pop culture to current affairs, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to identify and align well with cultural events, and promote the trends defining youth culture today. But it’s the brands that go beyond alignment to the creation of cultural moments themselves that are really able to capture - and hold - the attention of Gen Z.

With case studies from his time coordinating the marketing vision at KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, Ken Muench – CMO at YUM! Brands – will explain why creating moments in culture is so important for today’s brands, and share practical formulas for doing so.

Ken Muench  YUM! Brands

Ken Muench
YUM! Brands

Earlier Event: October 30
Panel: Teens Of Instagram